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Margaret Clark Journals

July 16, 1997

Location: Henefer, Utah - Twenty miles from 'This is the Place' State Park.

Summary: A hot day through Echo Canyon

Journal entry: The handcarts left early today...6AM. Summit County passed out yellow bandannas for all the walkers, so we all looked like we belonged to the media. I decided to spend the day with Art. We sent all our kids out on the road, cleaned up the motorhome, and took off down the freeway through Echo Canyon. That was a beautiful drive. A few miles down the canyon we passed the wagon train. A little further down we passed the walkers. This was a long, hot day. It was about 24 miles to the campsite in Henefer.

I felt a little guilty that I wasn't walking today. It lasted about 2 seconds Then Art and I got out our fishing poles and had a grand time. We had the funniest thing happen to us at Castle Rock camp. We lost the Big Fish (our van). This car has become famous in camp and everybody wants to ride in it. I don't know why. It is almost dead and is the slowest thing barely going.

Coming into camp at Castle Rock, I saw the van going the other way on the freeway. I assumed Art was driving it. I was wrong. When I got into camp, I didn't see our RV, so, because I was tired and hot, I laid down under a handcart to wait for Art to come back. He found me later and asked where the van was. I said I thought he had it. He said he had the motorhome. The van was gone and nobody knew who had it.

It's really kind of funny, because it is such a cantankerous car and we only allow Art to drive it. Well, we hoped somebody was using it to shuttle people back to the last camp. But we hoped somebody would bring it back. After waiting an hour and questioning every rig that pulled in to camp (having come from the last camp)....and nobody 'fessed up to the disappearance of the Big Fish, we had to assume it was gone.... and wasn't coming back.

Well, everybody in camp was asking about the Big Fish. It became the talk of the camp. Well, we jumped on the bus and Larry drove us back to the last camp at Yellow Creek. There, in the middle of nowhere with almost every vehicle gone, was the Big Fish, sitting there all alone. It was the mystery of the lost Big Fish found again. Art said that it was too much to hope for that it was really stolen.

Oh, the trek into Henefer this afternoon was HOT. Lots of folks got on the sag wagon. We took out ice and punch, candy and fruit to the walkers. It was still hot. The parade through Henefer was glorious. What a wonderful reception. There were flags and balloons and signs everywhere welcoming us in to their cute little town. This evening we had Governor Leavitt here to welcome us. Our campsite is a beautiful, newly mown field and it is huge and it is filled!! Tonight was a dance at the city park... but I went to bed. The kids had fun. Let them have fun! Let me sleep!!

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