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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

June 22, 1997

Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Summary: Day of rest in Jeffery -- church in socks

Journal entry: Today was a restful day. I got up just as the sun was rising. There have been no clouds, so the sunrise was rather straightforward. Virginia invited Amy and me over to her trailer for breakfast. It was a Sunday treat: omlettes with ham, cheese, mushrooms, and tomato. Normally mornings are very rushed. There is a lot to do: put away sleeping bags and tents, load up the handcart, make lunch, and then make and eat breakfast. On days that I have to help harness horses, it seems like I will never get it all done before the wagons pull out. But it always works out. Sometimes we end up running to catch up to the wagon train, but we always catch up. Sundays are an exception. There is time to fix a nice breakfast. Tents and sleeping bags can remain where they are. There is time to dress up in "Sunday best".

We had church services in the Jeffery school gymnasium. We all sat in the basketball bleachers and they set up a pulpit and loudspeakers at about half court. The caretakers of the gym asked everyone to take off their shoes to protect the floor, so everybody came in wearing socks or bare feet. I've never been to a church meeting like that one. Imagine the odor!

It was enjoyable watching people walk gingerly up to the pulpit to speak. Socks on a slick basketball floor do not generate much friction, and people reminded me of how my little nephews and niece walk around the floor in their socks -- they kind of slide their feet along, hoping not to slip and fall.

Hi -- this is Amy. Jeffrey City was an interesting place to stay for the weekend. I was impressed with the reception we had there. They really went all out and had a pig roast. Dinner was free and the beer was free too. They may have felt pretty safe offering free beer to all the Mormons. I missed the whole party because B.C. and I caught a ride to Riverton with Virgina Starling to do laundry and run errands.

It sounds as if it was a meeting between the Mormons and the Missourians. Virginia's daughter, Kimberly, a 10 year old red head, gave us a report when we returned. She announced that she won a 50 dollar tattoo gift certificate in the raffle. She was less than thrilled with the prize so they auctioned it off. She came home with $20.

Her mom told me that Kimberly stories are fair game because Kim put a horned toad down her back the other day while we were stopped for a water break. Kimberly also took a ride in the port-o-pots. I'll have to ask her for more details. The moral of that story is: If you hear someone ask if there is any one in the port-o-pots, it's a good idea to speak up.

My neighbors from home, the Smoots, visited the wagon train on Saturday night. I missed them because we were in Riverton. They left a note and some apples and grapes in our handcart. What a treat! Fresh fruit is such a delight. I wish I could have seen them. They are so nice. I hear they had a few questions about Brent. It is nice to grow up in a place with nice neighbors and live there for a long time. It is a secure feeling. It made me smile to hear that they were asking questions. They aren't intrusive, just interested.