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Wendy Westergard Journals

June 22, 1997

Location: Jeffrey City, Wyoming

Summary: fun meetings

Journal entry: Today I woke up around 9 am because I got in around 1 am that night, from watching a movie with a group of friends. This gave me enough time to get ready for church and organize things. Church was at 10 am. We had it inside the gym of the school we were able to use, which is what I was hoping for. I hoping to have it inside because of the swarms of mosquitos.

I love meetings on the train when we have people tell us their testimonies. It is very touching to see people change and learn and appreciate new things. Especially lately because we have been heading into more remote country, we are even learning to appreciate the better things of life, such as showers and calm areas without mosquitos.

Each day we are learning to appreciate each other as well. To survive in these more remote areas, we have learned to depend on each other. Everyone plays an important part to others survival. Margaret helps me a lot making sure I'm okay. I don't know where I would be out here without her. She has been helpful to many other people here. Every day we are becoming a closer knit group. There isn't anything we wouldn't do for another.

I got completely caught up on journals and expert questions. It was nice, even though I wasn't too far behind, I'm glad that I'm up to date. After catching myself up I went to my first choir practice out here. It was fun. I showed up a little late, so I don't feel that I did that well.

Alan went Riverton and he was kind enough to bring my laundry with his and washed it for me. I was so grateful. We all got ready for the remote areas for the next week this weekend. It was so nice of him. Many had to wash theirs by hand. We will most likely have to wash our clothes like this. It makes drying difficult sometimes because the wind is always blowing dirt and sand everywhere.

We watched the rough cut of Odessy at 7 pm. It was really good. We watched the one about the independent women on the trek, much like the ones gone before.

Before I went to bed I talked with Ron Anderson, who is out here this week. He told us of what was happening with the internet back home and what was happening in the valley. It was really nice to feel like we weren't in the dark about what was happening in the valley. It takes a long time for news to travel to us because we are so busy to go seek out the information. Many times it is brought by friends and family to the trail when they come to visit.