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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

May 13, 1997

Summary: To Gothenburg

Journal entry: Today we traveled 14 miles to Gothenburg. Gothenburg is the home of the Pony Express. We had three pony express riders come and welcome the wagon train and lead us to camp.

On the way to camp a horse and buggy got startled by a cattle truck and it took off and went into the barrow pit and it almost tipped over.

The man from Japan was in the buggy and his wife was holding on the back, it was really scarry.

The weather was nice today until about 3PM when the wind started to blow and blow and blow. I think that it is blowing about 30 miles an hour.

We had lunch and then I went to one of the pony express stations it was neat to see. We played at a park for two hours.

Yippy skippy tomarrow is a layover day and over 600 school kids are going to come and look at us. Sometimes I feel like a bug in a glass jar. We thought that sometime it would be funny to put up a sign that said don't feed the animals and flash photos might scare them.

I can't believe that this is our fourth week. It is going fast. Well everyone this is Dan signing off from the fair grounds in Gothenburg Nebraska.