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Margaret Clark Journals

July 2, 1997

Location: Farson, Wyoming

Summary: Farson --Elevate the foot

Journal entry: Last night I was coming out of the RV when I stepped wrong on a little hilly place and went over. My left ankle is not swollen, not discolored, but it is very tender. I know the muscles in my feet are very strong now, but for being so sore, there are no outward signs of injury. Weird!

Today is warm with a lovely breeze. We are in Farson and I am sitting on a chair with my foot elevated. I am facing the east country, back towards the land we have just traversed. It is a big stretch of land. I have a great appreciation now for its vastness having just walked over it. I really don't ever want to do that again.

My husband is warming water for baths and anyone who feels that 10 days is too long between baths is coming by for a private bath in our little RV bathtub.

Bre should be moved out of ICU today. We pray for her recovery.

My greatest anticipation today is getting one of those famous Farson ice cream cones. They are totally the best ever......anywhere...by far, Did I tell you it got down to 24 degrees last night? COLD!! Thick frost everywhere. I know why there are no gardens in Farson. Well, not much to report today so...HappyNetTrekking!!