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Daniel George (Dan) Whitaker Journals

July 12, 1997

Location: Bear River - 63 miles left, Wyoming - (6 rods wide, 2 feet deep. Swift current - clear and cold water; plenty of timber and grass. Altitude at ford, 6,836 feet.) - [Nine more miles and Brigham Young became sick with tick fever on July 12.] 950 1/4 miles from Winter Quarters.

Summary: Sick.

Journal entry: Dear people of the world,
Today we are camped 7 miles out of Evanston.

I did not travele on the trail today because I am sick. I was going to got to the doctor but the only thing open was the emergency room. so I'll just talk to nance. She is an emt.

There is a rodio tonight in Evanston. There is not many things to do in Evanston.

My dad said it was very cold today.

My older brother Brent is sick to

This is Dan saying bye some where outside Evanston Wyoming