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Wendy Westergard Journals

May 26, 1997

Location: Oshkosh, Nebraska - Location: 41:24:18N 102:20:38W

Summary: Swamp day.

Journal entry: We went 12 miles today. It was raining all day. The 1st part was a drizzle and the 2nd was raining hard. Up until the 1st break I rode only with Paul and then Nathan joined us. We had a good chat.

We arrived into camp around 12 noon. It was a swamp... a big mud hole. The reenactment camp had set up only 3 tents for shelter. It continued to rain all day. The high school was made available for us to take shelter in. I love communities that help us not to freeze. We piled a ton of people into the car and headed off to the school. Many people were already there. We looked like the people from the disaster areas when floods and earthquakes come.

We went on an errand to Sidney, NE for some new sleeping bags. Ours were not cutting it in the cold We were freezing. We went to Arby's after that to eat. It felt so good to eat something with a ton of fat in it. It was heaven. I was on cloud nine.

When we arrived back to the high school the lot was was a lake. It had rained the whole time we were gone. Everything was a huge mud puddle. Luckily the people of Oshkosh were nice enough to let us use their gym in their high school for us to sleep in. I wonder how the pioneers did it.

They were a lot stonger than us in battling the elements. They went through so much for us to have the gospel today. I am truly grateful for their sacrifice. I want to honor it and treasure it always. I love each and every person who had enough faith to give up everything they had ever known and head off to the west to the unknown for something they knew to be true.