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Brent C (B.C.) Moore Journals

July 20, 1997

Location: East Canyon State Park, Utah - Between Henefer and Birch Springs.

Summary: Sabbath at East Canyon Lake -- Old Friends, media, and 1,500 for church

Journal entry: We go up the hill just in time for church to start. It was a large meeting, with over 1,500 people in attendance, only 400 of which were with the wagon train. There were almost 20 young men helping to break the bread for the sacrament, and they and the deacons did a wonderfully efficient job. The wagon train presidency spoke and then we heard from two General Authorities who have been watching over the train: Elder Hugh Pinnock and Elder Joe Christensen.

After church, it was impossible to find my friends. Amy's brother, John, came by on his way up to Logan. He left us some fresh fruit and Amy's dress. Soon Amy disappeared in the crowd and I couldn't find her either. So, John and I sat around, talking to people and resting.

Finally Amy appeared and someone asked us to talk to some reporters from Hungarian Television. The national director of religious programming for the Hungarians was there, and he wanted to interview us. We told about our wagon train romance, and then he saw the Book of Mormon I was holding. He asked me to talk about it. They spent about ten minutes getting close-ups of the book and its pages. Amy and I have felt strongly that we should share our feelings about the church and our gratitude to the Lord whenever we are interviewed by reporters.

Although it is the Sabbath, we had to grease the axles one last time before the end of the trip. The handcarts do not have bearings, so you just unscrew the capscrew and pull off the wheel. Then you apply some new axle grease to the axle and put the wheel back on. In the three months of our trek, we have gotten pretty good at this procedure. It almost reminds me of the pit-stop crew at the Indy 500. We are fast!

This evening, Amy's folks decided to come up the canyon and visit us. It was nice to visit with them again. They got to meet Barb and Don, and they chatted while I went to a mandatory meeting up on the hill. The meeting was about the welcome ceremony on Tuesday at the "This is the Place" monument. It sounds like we will have a warm reception in the valley. We are almost there. Two days to go...All is well.