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07/15/1847 - Crockett

Date: July 15, 1847

Advance Company on Weber River, Utah:
The advance company journeyed down Weber River, crossing over onto the south bank. After six miles they halted about one mile from the canyon which looked impassable for wagons. Orson Pratt and John Brown rode four miles down the canyon and then returned to camp convinced that this route would be very difficult. While they were gone, Stephen Markham and others searched for the Donner-Reed trail that cut across the mountains to the south. Orson Pratt and John Brown also went searching for this trail and soon found it, but the grass had grown up, making it very difficult to discern. Orson Pratt followed the trail up a ravine for six miles and then returned to the advance company camp. [They camped at present-day Henefer, Utah.]

Main Camp near Cache Cave, Utah:
Wilford Woodruff left camp early in the morning, right after breakfast, with his carriage and horses. In two hours he arrived at Brigham Young's camp. He made a comfortable bed for President Young and Albert P. Rockwood in his carriage, and the read company started out. Brother Rockwood wrote: "I was very weak & low, not able to set up in the carriage, yet I stood the journey very well. So did B Young."

At noon, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball and others with eight wagons arrived into the main camp. Orders were given for the company to harness up. During this time a refreshing shower cooled them off.

At 3:30 p.m., after four and a half miles, they formed their camp at the foot of some high, red bluffs [Castle Bluffs]. The feed was good and there was beautiful spring of cool water to the left of the road.

Mormon Ferry, Wyoming:
James Davenport and Appleton Harmon were busy doing blacksmith work. Eric Glines traveled to down the river for some coal and other items at the ferry site. William Empey and John Higbee dried buffalo meet and tended the cattle.

On the Platte River, Nebraska:
The companies had to travel over some sandy bluffs away from the river in order to avoid swampy land. They camped at spring of cold water. Patty Session put some milk in it to cool. Because of problems with cattle, it was thought best to being forming the wagon circles as companies of fifty rather than larger groups. Large numbers of buffalo were beginning to be seen.

Near Fort Hall Idaho:
The Kearny detachment of the Mormon Battalion reached Fort Hall. They stopped for just a short time and obtained some bacon. Nathaniel Jones wrote that they saw "a great many emigrants. The road is full of them."

Company B, Mormon Battalion, marching to Los Angeles:
The battalion recognized that this was their last official day as soldiers in the United States army. Company B marched nine miles, crossed the San Gabriel River, marched nine more miles, and arrived at Los Angeles. Robert S. Bliss wrote: "This is the most beautiful place I ever saw as to some things. The orchards & vineyards are as fine as heart can wish. Here I drinked of the juice of the vine to my satisfaction & eat most delicious pears."


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