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Pioneer Student Work

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Description: 4th Grade Broc's picture to accompany his report on pioneer Isaac Laney.
Image courtesy of: Heritage Gateway Project Images , These images have been gathered to support the Sesquicentennial celebration of the immigration to Utah.

Pioneer: Isaac Laney (Broc - 4th Grade)

Isaac Laney, one of my ancestors, is a pioneer hero. Isaac was a member of the militia assigned to defend Haun's Mill, Missouri, from the mob threatening to murder, rob, and burn the Mormon settlement. On the night before the massacre, Isaac had a dream that he was badly bitten all over by serpents, but it did not hurt, and knew he would get well. The next afternoon, as Isaac was defending the people during the mob's attack, he was shot four times clear through his body and once in each arm. He also had 27 bullet holes in his shirt, and 12 in the stock of his gun. He was told it was impossible for him to recover and would surely die. Issac told those caring for him, it did not hurt and knew he would get well. He recovered and later crossed the plains in 1847 to settle in the Salt Lake Valley. Isaac was a great example of sacrifice, courage, and optimism.