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Recommended Reading

Description: The prairie is a nice background for pictures.
Image courtesy of: Heritage Gateway Project Images, These images have been gathered to support the Sesquicentennial celebration of the immigration to Utah.
The Sesquicentennial Pioneer Book Review Board

May, 1997

Dear Friends of the Sesquicentennial,
The purpose of this board is to recommend books and music to the public that promotes the pioneering spirit. The following items have been reviewed, have met the board's criteria, and have received The Spirit of Pioneering Award of Excellence based on a majority vote. This list is being made available to libraries, schools, and bookstores. Recommendation was based on the following guidelines:

  1. Books must inspire and promote the spirit of pioneering.
  2. Stories may relate to pioneers that settled the Salt Lake Valley and Utah, but are not restricted to the L.D.S. people. Pioneering endeavors from all faiths and cultures who are part of the history of Utah were encouraged.
  3. Books may be fiction or non-fiction and must be currently in print.
  4. Stories may deal with faith in God, adversity, hope and the courage to move forward in the face of great odds. Subject matter need not necessarily deal with the pioneers of 1847.
  5. Music must lift and inspire. Works which tell a story were encouraged.
  • The Story of the Latter-day Saints
    James B. Allen & Glen M. Leonard
    Deseret Book; ISBN 0-87579-565-X
  • Life In Zion: An Intimate Look at the Latter-day Saints
    William W. Slaughter
    Deseret Book; ISBN 0-87579-893-4
  • In Their Own Words: Women and the Story of Nauvoo
    Carol Cornwall Madsen
    Deseret Book; ISBN 0-87579-770-9
  • Images of Faith, Art of Latter-day Saints
    Deseret Book; ISBN 0-87579-912
  • The Gathering: Mormon Pioneers on the Trail To Zion
    Maurine Jensen Proctor & Scot Facer Proctor
    Deseret Book; ISBN 1-57345-056-1
  • Providential Hill
    Lillian Armstrong Fox
    Jordan River Publishing Co.; Salt Lake City, UT
    ISBN 1-890366-00-5
  • Pioneer Images, Hand cut Paper Design Book
    Lerry Wallace
    Jordan River Publishing Co.; Salt Lake City, UT
    ISBN 1-890366-05-6
  • The Work & The Glory - all volumes
    Gerald Lund
    Bookcraft, Salt Lake City. UT
  • Women of the Mormon Battalion
    Compiled and edited by Carl V. Larsen & Shirley N. Maynes
    Watkins Printing, Providence, UT
  • Utah Quilts, 1847-1950
    Utah Quilt Heritage, Inc.
    University Press
  • The Pioneer Camp of the Saints: The 1847 Mormon Trail Journals of Thomas Bullock
    Edited by Will Bagley
    Arthur H. Clark Company
  • Winter Quarters: The 1846-1848 Life of Mary Haskins Parker Richards
    Utah State University Press
  • The Mormon Trail: Yesterday and Today
    William Smart
    Utah State University Press
  • 111 Day to Zion
    Hal Knight & Stanley Kimball
    Big Moon Traders
  • Promised Valley, The Novel
    Lance Williams & Tillman S. Boxwell
    Alma, UT

Appropriate Reading for Children

  • I Walked To Zion
    Susan Arrington Madsen
    Cinnamon Tree; ISBN 0-87579-848-9
  • Growing Up In Zion
    Susan Arrington Madsen
    Cinnamon Tree; ISBN 1-57345-189-4
  • The Mormon Girl Series-Abigail
    Patti Landes Kinzie
    Dovetail Press/Hearts of the Children;
    Distributed by Jordan River Publishing; Salt Lake City, UT
    ISBN 1-88046-41-7
  • The Mormon Girl Series-Sally Ann
    Patti Landes Kinzie
    Dovetail Press/Hearts of the Children;
    Distributed bye Jordan River Publishing
    ISBN 1-886046-42-5
  • Hands-On Pioneers: Art Activities
    Yvonne Young Merrill & Emily Young Merrill
    Deseret Book; ISBN 1-57345-085-5
    Also: Providential Hill by Lillian Armstrong Fox
    (see above)


  • Pioneer Portrait
    Merrill Jensen
    Shadow Mountain Music

If you have any questions regarding this list, please direct inquiries to:
Patti Adams, Chairperson (801) 277-2083 Fax (801) 277-2400
P.O. Box 17311, Salt Lake City, UT 84117