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General Information


Foreign Mormon Emigrants Many pioneers headed for Utah came across the ocean before traversing the United States to the Rocky Mountains.

Fremont Expeditions (1842 - 1854) Summary of Fremont's expeditions.

Little, Feramorz (1820-1887), Biographical Sketch Brigham Young's nephew came to Salt Lake City in 1850 and became its mayor three times. Had mail contracts with Ephraim Hanks and Charles Decker from Salt Lake City to Ft. Laramie (1851-1853). In 1856, he contracted to carry the mail between Salt Lake City and Independence, Missouri, where he first heard of US troops moving towards Utah in 1857.

Mississippi Saints, 1846-1847 (General Information)

Mormon Battalion Even after being driven from Missouri, Mormon pioneers volunteered to serve for the United States Army.

Mormon Camps and Communities Mormon pioneers settled many towns and started farms.

Mormon Trail in Historic Perspective Mormons were part of the western movement in America. Their motivations and organization were unique. Later, pioneers helped build the telegraph line and railroad.

Non-Mormons on the Trail Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were not the only pioneers to use the Mormon trail.

River crossings, 1850, George Shepard In 1850, George Shepard, travelling with a group to California kept good financial records and accounts of his river crossings from the Platte (Wyoming) to the Malad (Utah).

Romance: Sarah Rogers and Starling Driggs The romance began in Nauvoo and culminated in marriage by Brigham Young prior to Starling leaving Salt Lake City to help settle San Bernardino, California

Welch Emigrants, 1949, (Dan Jones) - Background Information The Welsh emigrants of 1849 were among the first foreign speaking pioneers in Utah. As others of their countrymen arrived, several areas largely composed of Welshmen were settled, including Wales, Willard, Spanish Fork, 15th and 16th Wards in Salt Lake City; Malad and Samaria, Idaho.

Weston (Maughan), Mary Ann, Prior to 1850 Mary had an interesting life, coming to America, marrying a widower, and going through a different survival period than the majority of Mormons from 1846 until her family came to Utah in 1850. Some time was spent in Wisconsin.

Women Emigrants Although life on the trail was difficult, pioneer women generally did everything they could to preserve their traditional role and image and the niceties of civilization, domesticity, and a semblance of home while westering.

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