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Pioneer 1847 Companies

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  • The first company of pioneers consisted of 143 men, 3 women, and 2 children.
  • The oldest of the women, Harriet Wheeler Page Decker Young, age 44, was the wife of Lorenzo Young, Brigham's youngest brother. She arrived 8 month's pregnant. She was the mother of Clarissa Decker Young, Brigham's wife, who also came. Clarissa turned 19 on July 22nd. Harriet was the mother and step-mother of the two six-year old boys, Isaac Perry Decker, and Lorenzo Sobieski Young.
  • Ellen Sanders Kimball, born in Norway, was Heber Kimball's wife. She arrived 2 months pregnant.
  • Each man was hand-picked for his skills. The mean age was 32.4 years.
  • Three of the men were less than 18 years of age. Brigham Young was 46.
  • Five of the men were non-Mormons, four of whom were chosen for Orson Pratt's advance group..
  • Three of the men were African-Americans, all of whom were included in Orson Pratt's 43- man advance group.
  • Two-thirds had been born in the northeastern United States.
  • Three-fourths died in Utah.
  • The average age at death was 68.4 years.
  • Animals included: 66 oxen, 89 horses, 52 mules, 19 cows, and 17 dogs.
  • Total estimated cost of the company's inventory of food and supplies: $1,592.87.