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03/31/1847 - Crockett

Date: March 31, 1847

Winter Quarters, Nebraska: Joseph A. Stratton arrived from St. Louis. He had been recently released from his leadership over the Saints in that city and was asked to come to Winter Quarters to prepare for the journey west. He brought a package of letters from the St. Louis Saints. Levi Jackman and Lyman Curtis arrived in Winter Quarters, ready to be part of the pioneer company.

In the evening, Brigham Young addressed the captains of the various companies. He spoke against unselfishness. Letters from Orson Hyde and John Taylor were read, sent while on their missions in England. Wilford Woodruff wrote of this meeting: "Expressed my feelings with many others upon the subject of blockading this city and uniting together in their labour in cultivating the earth."

Later, the Twelve met together and decided that W.W. Phelps was to be authorized to travel to the east and obtain a printing press and type. A letter of recommendation would be given to him, calling upon the eastern Saints to assist Elder Phelps complete his mission.

Summer Quarters, Nebraska: John D. Lee cleared off the ground for the foundation of one of his houses. A.D. Young assisted him to begin cutting logs. Thomas Woolsey and W. Woolsey did the hauling. In the afternoon, William Pace and M. Harris helped cutting logs until nightfall. All the hard labor of that day resulted in logs enough for two houses.

Nishnabotna River, Iowa: Mary Richards packed up her things and prepared to return to Winter Quarters after about a six week visit with the Burton family. The Burtons try to persuade her to stay until June, but she needed to return. The family had treated her very kindly, especially when she had been ill. At 3 p.m., a little boy came to inform her that the Brother Duel was ready to take her on the journey back to Winter Quarters. She wrote, "I there parted with them, after receiving many Invetations to visit them again and promising to write to them. I found Bro Duels family to be very kind and sociable, they treated me with the greatest repect. We traviled about 4 miles and at night camped by the Lake."

Company B, Mormon Battalion, at San Diego, California: Two wagons arrived to obtain provisions for the battaion in Los Angeles. News was received that the Indians had been raiding some of the settlements and had killed 15-20 Mexicans. Kearny's dragoons had been sent to fight against them. The men of Company B learned that they were much better off than the rest of the battalion in Los Angeles.


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