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Pioneer Date Summary

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03/30/1847 - Crockett

Date: March 30, 1847

Winter Quarters, Nebraska:
April 5, 1847 is traditionally recognized as the as the start of the historic pioneer journey of 1847, however, in reality, this day, March 30, may have been the first day some pioneers moved out of Winter Quarters. Tarlton Lewis and Stephen H. Goddard probably left on this day to start traveling to the Elk Horn River, thirty-four miles to west, to build a raft to be used to cross the river.

Heber C. Kimball had six wagons ready for the journey. Horace K. Whitney and his brother Orson were "flying around" getting ready to start.

In the afternoon and evening, Brigham Young met with the Twelve and discussed plans for the pioneer journey. A concert was held in the evening by William McCarey.

Summer Quarters, Nebraska:
John D. Lee explored the country about twenty miles north of Winter Quarters. He found a "splendid location" for a farm, consisting of about 6,000 acres. He described: "2 creeks leading from a steep precipice which formed the W[est] line running to the Mo. river enclosed the N[orth] and S[outh] line and the river the E[ast] with the exception of the foot of the N[orth] and south precipice." His company reached the site at noon. In the evening, Brother Lee called his family together to consecrate and dedicate the location to the Lord.

Mormon Battalion, at Los Angeles, California:
Colonel Cooke visited the battalion. The men drilled again. It was reported that money would soon arrive to pay the battalion, who had only received one and a half months pay. In the evening, Captain Jefferson Hunt preached to the men. Captain Hunt explained to the men in detail the reason why Captain A.J. Smith was allowed to take command of the battalion after Colonel Allen died. He tried to turn away perceived hostile feelings toward himself for this action back many months ago. Levi Hancock and Philemon Merrill also spoke.


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