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Letters of Encouragement to the Pioneers

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April 3 - May 23, 1997

April 3, 1997

Brad wrote:

Heritage.uen.org is a great WEB sight!! I really enjoy what you are doing with this sight. It has a lot of good information that is well organized. Keep up the good work.

April 5, 1997

Gerry from Blanding, Utah wrote:

We are very excited about the interactive wagon train activities that will be on the web this coming week and in the weeks to follow. Everything falls right into place with activities that we as a fifth grade team are using the next few weeks. We need to know however, if there will be any songs that may have been used by the pioneers as they made their trek? If you can give us any suggestions or refer us to someone who has any of the music, we would be most grateful. Keep up the good work, we look forward with excitment to using this material in our lessons. Thanks !

April 7, 1997

Zac wrote:

Me and my Grandma like this site because it is the 100th birthday of Utah.

April 9, 1997

Brough wrote:

I have enjoyed reading through your work and that of what must be many helpers. My thanks to all for making this available to us here in AZ over the net. This is a really great service to the public. If you have other locations on the web that may give more info please pass them along to me . Thanks again for the great job.

Dale wrote:

This sight is by far the most useful of all the pioneer sites I know of. I have been saving articles all day long. Dave's site is still pretty good, though.

When I tried to find the heritage site at home, I searched and searched, and couldn't find it. Have you had the internet search system (robot, or spider, or dragon, or something like that) do its thing? You have to request it. Do you know how to put lots of key words on the home page, so the searcher will find them all?

I really like that I can get to all the articles in a certain section from any other article by going to the bottom of the page.

April 13, 1997

Allan wrote:

Just thought that I will take a moment this evening to let you know how much I have enjoyed the articles that you have produced so far. We live in Fla and obviously is tough to get that type of information in our media. Thanks a bunch for all of your efforts. I would be interested to know if it will be possible to get a copy of your TV video so we may view it in our area.

April 15, 1997

Grahame wrote:

I just wanted to send you folks my warmest congratulations for putting together such a wonderful package on the history of the pioneers. Originally from England, five years ago I drove from New Jersey along I-80 to Salt Lake City and joined the Church. And I thought that was a long drive!!! The more I learn about the early Saints the more I respect them and love them for opening up the trail that many of us converts have followed since.

April 16, 1997

Chad wrote:

I am joining the trail re-inactment about the time they get to the continental divide for 4 days. My family and I (My wife and 5 children ranging in ages from 12 to 7 months) think it is important to maintain a sense of the legacy too. I would like to communicate with Mrs Clark and then meet her when we join the trail. Can you forward this message to her? I will read her comments on the web each day.

April 17, 1997

Linda wrote:

I accessed your site on the Mormon trail. William Clayton is our Great Grandfather. I plan to tell our school about this site so our students can watch the progress of our modern pioneers. Keep the journal entries coming from Mrs. Clark.

April 19, 1997

Judy wrote:

We're so excited to be able "to do" this trek with you. I teach first grade, and we are looking at your journal entry each day. This is such a wonderful opportunity for us who are unable to make the trip. We appreciate your effort, and best wishes to you and all the others. If there are any first graders on the trek, we would love to hear from them (or any other children).

April 20, 1997

Gaye wrote:

We just found you on the Net and read your journal entries so far. We really enjoyed it. We have friends from our ward who are doing the trek also. ... We're sure you will meet them. They plan on walking the whole trek. Tell them "hi".

We will read up on you every day. We especially want to know about the weather conditions, what the trail is like, the hard things that happen and the fun things you do, and what you do on Sundays for Church and besides Church.

Good luck! We'll be keeping in touch.

Krystal wrote:

I want to now how it is on the trek. I am going in June and I am very happy, but I wonder what it will be like.

Terry and Mary wrote:

Good luck Tom and Family and we will be watching the home page for progress. Hope all is well and that your arm is healing well. We have looked at all of the home page information and it is impressive. God bless and good luck.

April 21, 1997

Dillworth 5th Grade wrote:

We are 5th grade students from Dilworth Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are 33 students in our class and our teacher's name is Mrs. Cathy Johnson. We are currently studying the Western Expansion and are doing a Wagon Train simulation. Our teacher separated our class into 4 groups which each represent a different wagon train. Several times a week we have activities that are simular to those the pioneers would have experienced. Last week each wagon train had to decide which trail they would would take to go to Oregon. Our choices were going through the Indian Burial Grounds which was a shorter route or go on the Cheyenne River Trail that was longer but we were always by a river that could supply our wagon train with water. Only one wagon train went viva the Indian Burial Ground Trail. Mrs. Johnson showed us your home page and we decided to write to you and let you know we would be following your wagon train. We thought this would go along with our social studies unit. We wish you the best of luck and know that your journey will be difficult. We hope you are safe and enjoy your experience.

Michelle wrote:

Reading Margaret Clarks journal entries today made me want to join the trek. I am sitting here with tears....it is so exciting. What a wonderful experiance.

April 22, 1997

Donna wrote:

Kathy & Margaret, Just thought I'd take a moment to say hi, hope everything is doing ok. Sorry, I didn't get to see you off Monday a.m.

I'm having problems getting your journals. I guess you're still having technical difficulties.

I pray for good weather for you every night but I guess God thinks the crops need the rain more than you need sunshine at this point.

Keep in touch.

Norman wrote:

Margaret Clark's entrys are the only one we can find and she seems to be about 4 days behind. You might consider "Pony express" it may be faster. Good Luck. We hope you get your problems worked out.

James wrote:

Margaret, Just wanted to let you know we are really looking forward to your entries. We are an LDS Homeschooling family livign on a farm in rural southern Mn. Our 15 yr. old daughter went down Friday night with our seminary group to hear the Prophet address the wagon train before it left. They visited with members of the wagon train, saw WInter Quarters and headed back Saturday. Amy tried to find you so that we'd know a little better who you are but you were gone then. I believe she met someone named Wendy who was also going to be adding info. Our family has just begun now to use the wagon train and its experience as our "unit study" for the next few months and so we are really looking forward to reading about what you are doing and seeing and hopefully we'll find some interesting things to study along the way with you. WE really appreciate the groups that are making the funding of this internet sight possible. Happy trails!!

April 23, 1997

Ned wrote:

I am writing to Mrs. Clark from Panguitch Utah. I too have a cabin at Panguitch Lake and have spent many summer nights sleeping on the porch. I am hoping that Mrs. Clark might explain to those of us following her trek from Panguitch, her Panguitch connection???

5th grade class wrote:

[Daniel] is in our school. We were just wondering how he is enjoying the trail? We would also like him to tell us some of his experiences every now and then so we can relate them to our students. They are all wondering how is doing. Have him send us a note if he can.

Michelle wrote:

Margaret Clark---thank you for your daily information----remember that mud is good!!!!!!

G.L. wrote:

I have really enjoyed your entries.

Carol and Roland wrote:

Our family are watching for your journal entries. My husband and I live in AZ. We have children from coast to coast. A grandaughter went into MTC same day as your son. She is going to Vienna Austria.

I was born in Nebraska at my grandparents home, just 7 miles north of the Mormon trail. However the first I ever knew of the Mormons was when my Mother came to my grandparents home and told us she had married a Mormon. I was 10 at the time and an avid reader.......thought perhaps a Mormon was a "Moorman" and it was likely that he mowed lawns in England. I have a different concept now.

We are enjoying thinking about you and your journey. Hopefully we can contact you again. We plan to be in Nebraska in May---watching for and being a small part of the journey you are undertaking. I guess you could say that we are kind of living your experience vicariously-- through your journal entries.

Good wishes! We are pulling for you---cheering you on, so to speak.

April 24, 1997

Anthony wrote:

My name is Anthony, I'm in kindergarten. My Grandma and aunt and uncle are on your trek. They are the Tylers, and they are going the WHOLE way. They even built their own hand cart and sewed their own clothes. I think it's really cool. Everyone here keeps asking how they are doing, and I'm wondering if there is a way to find out. Please let me know. Anthony

Gaye wrote:

Dear Margaret Clark,
We just found you on the Internet and read your journal entries so far. We really enjoyed it. We have friends from our ward who are doing the trek also. They are the Herterich family. [Their son] is the boy who you mentioned spoke in church on Sunday. We are sure you will meet them. They are planning to walk the whole trail also.

We are the Duffin family. We will read up on you every day. We especially want to know about the weather conditions, what the trail is like, the hard things that happen and the fun things you do, and what you do on Sundays for Church and besides Church.

Your journal entries so far have been great. We have laughed and cried. We have felt a closeness to our pioneer ancestors through your experiences. Thank you.

We hope this gets to you.
Happy trekking!

April 25, 1997

Mike wrote:

I have missed seeing Margaret's journal entries since 4/22. Were they to be daily, or just periodicaly? This is a great idea -- posting journals from "today" and from 150 yrs. ago. Thanks, guys!

Robert wrote:

Hi, My name is Robert and my family and I will be at Sun Ranch the week of June when your wagan train will be at Martins Cove and we would like to visit you there. What times will you recieve visitors? Margaret, we apprecitate your work in journalizing your daily experience. Today is the 25th; is it still raining and how do you cope with the mud? What are your feelings about each day as compared to the feelings of the actual pioneers on this day in 1847?

April 26, 1997

Donna wrote:

I met Margaret at Miller Park in Omaha and have been following their trek journaling through the 22nd. Where are they now? Why can't I get the daily journals anymore?

The last thing Margaret wrote was that she had blisters on her feet and was soaked with mud, mud and more mud as well as horse gifts. Are they alright?

Megan, my nine year old niece have really enjoyed following the trek. Is there anyone else who is journaling on the Internet?

April 27, 1997

Janelle wrote:

Intended for Margaret Clark
Hi Margaret,
My name is Janelle and I live in Hemet, California. Five members from our ward (the Herterhich's) are traveling with you the entire way to Utah, and it has been so neat to "tune-in" to all that you are doing. I have found myself eagerly awaiting your next journal entry so that I can feel part of the wonderful experience that you are having. I used some of your journal entries this morning in Primary [an LDS church meeting for children] to help teach my Sharing Time. The kids got a real kick about your references to 'horse gifts'!

I'm a Recreation Mgt. major and have done my share of 'trekking', but nothing compared to what you are accomplishing! Keep up the fantastic work, and know that there are millions of us out here rooting for you all--100 percent!! Warm regards, dry nights and lots of moleskin!

Ron wrote:

You are a brave woman.

I'm just a few years older than you and have enjoyed the few times that I have logged on and reveiwed your journal.

May God bless you and the train.

This will be an event that will change your life. Your journal may well change some others.

Ron, Taylorsville, Utah.

Robert wrote:

Margaret this is more of a thank you than a question. When I think of my ancestors who came across the trial, tears come to my eyes and as you journalize your trek I feel for what you endure give thanks to you for your sacrifice as I do my great ancestors. Thank you, Robert from Provo, Utah.

April 29, 1997

a friend wrote:

We are neighbors with your sister Kathleen Fetzer, and friends with Steve Sorenson. Thank you for the updates, and give our best to Steve.

Terry wrote:

Howdy from Wyoming. I just wanted to wish all the pioneers the most pleasant and safest of trips. It's still snowing here in Wyoming so I hope everyone packed extra wool socks. Hello to all and I'll see you on the trail soon.

Robert wrote:

Thank you to Margaret Clark for the daily journal entries! (until recently; I hope all is well?!) I hadn't really heard of this event until I read about it in Newsweek last week...what a great adventure! I wish I had known sooner...I would have loved to joined in. But to my delight, I am able to participate in a small way through Mrs. Clark's experiences and journal enteries. Again, thanks so much for this and all the information you have provided on the Internet! I live in Wayne, NE so hope to catch up to the group sometime in the next few weeks when I have a week-end off (I'm a nurse at the hosp. here) just to see the event I'm reading so much about!

Sue wrote:

Nancy, Had a great time but we lost in your handcart, 1 kids white shirt, 1 black felt hat and 1 black fanny pack with batman inside. Maybe Barb can take them back to Freemont with her and mail them at your convenience-HAHA. Sue Register
P.S. Blisters are doing great!!!

April 30, 1997

Helen wrote:

What a wonderful educational site you have put together! I just spent an enjoyable time reading journals, looking at photos, and drawings and reading about the original episodes and diaries of the trail. It is very nicely done, easy to read, and well-written. Thank you for a valuable teaching resource. I hope you have plans to leave this up on the web for years to come.

I am one of a group of RI teachers who will be traveling a small part of the Oregon Trail this summer. Thank you again.
Helen - on sabbatical from North Kingstown Schools - Teacher-in-Technology at the University of Rhode Island

May 1, 1997

Brent wrote:

Dear Dan,
Hey buddy how is everything going in Nebraska. I hope that your family is doing well. Tell Brent Hi from Van and tell him that Pottery isn't the same without him. Well hope everything is going well see you soon.
Sincerely, The Kelly Family

John wrote:

A big hello from the Heber Valley in Utah...Just wanting to wish you all the best and know that we're thinking about you all! Hope you are enjoying your experience!
Love, The John Burns family

Janie wrote:

My name is Janie. I live in Fremont, NE. You met my niece while you were in Omaha at Miller Park. Her name is Donna. And of course you met our wonderful Megan. Donna gave me your site name and your e-mail address.

I will not take much of your much needed rest time. I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your journal. I can not wait to get home every evening from work to read what you have entered last evening. I hope your blisters heal quickly and do not return. Sandals sounds like the right shoes to wear. I pray that you make it all the way. Just from what I have read of your journals I do not have any doubts. Keep up the great job.

I am printing your letters to share with my co-workers. They too are enjoying them. I do not expect an answer, so please do not feel obligated to do so. I realize you have much higher priorities, and I totally understand. Keep Writing In Your Journals and I will keep reading.
Thank You Again!!!! Janie

May 2, 1997

Kathy wrote:

Just want to say Thank you! and how wonderful your web-site is! I looked for several days to find information on the trek. I was so disappointed because I could only find very limited information. I couldn't believe that I couldn't find anything more than I was finding because I knew this was really a historical event! Finally, I found you! I have been living the trek vicariously through Margaret's daily journal and I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity! I saw the trek start out in Omaha and was really mad at myself for not somehow managing to take the time out and go along-since the Mormon's and the Mormon trail have been a great interest to me since I first visited the cemetary at Winter Quarter's some 35 years ago. What a wonderful and educational service you are providing! Thanks again! Sincerely, Kathy Williams

Doug wrote:

Bet you knew that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. Well, if you did...you were right. I just finished and admit to enjoying every word. My feet hurt just from reading each consecutive day's entry. I especially enjoyed her occasional humor ("...four helpings..." entry). Sounds like she's having a wonderful, although tiring, experience. Now that I'm hooked and have a bookmark, I'm looking forward to opening up each day's thoughts.

Friends of Danny's brother wrote:

Dear Brent:
We wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday today and tell you that we miss you. We have been keeping track of the train and it sounds like you are living the opportunity of a lifetime. Krachel says hi and wonders when she will be receiving a postcard. She thought you would be interested to know that her family will probably be joining the train for about a week sometime in June. Dace also says hi and wants you to know that he misses you--he no longer has anyone to exchange secrets with. Cam Treu, Andy Cartwright, Scott Stanfield, Darcy Downs, Adam Knight and Holly Thacker also all say hi. Good Luck, Have Fun and remember that we are thinking about you and anxiously await the day of your safe return. Love, Your Friends

Christine wrote:

I so long to be there with all of you. I found you while reading pioneer journals for class preparation and now I can't get my mind off the Trek. I so want to join up an go a ways with you. I live in Jerome, Idaho and I also have a ancestral heritage of pioneers. My GGGranmother, Jessie McNiven Taggart, walked with her mother Janet, and her brother, James, across the plains when she was 8 yrs old. She has been in my thoughts as I read from your journal entries. My prayers are with you and all "modern day pioneers" as you carry on a great and glorious legacy of faith, with every footstep.
God be with you, Christine

a friend wrote:

To Margaret,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Your journal entries help us feel such a part of the journey. This morning I caught up on the entries since 4/23. I wept as you described the flag lined streets; I sympathize with blisters on blisters; I marvel at all you find time to write.

I am an Institute teacher at the Orem Institute of Religion. My friend Kathy and I will join with you in Scottsbuff on June 1. We're wagon riders and will be with the train for 5 days. Thanks again for your extra-mile efforts. We at home appreciate it more than I can express.

PS We're glad KSL-TV interviewed you so we can picture you walking and talking and writing. See you next month!

May 3, 1997

Christine wrote:

Hello from Idaho! I have a morning routine I follow now. Rise, read scriptures, log on and read jounal entries and replys! This is so great to be able to have modern access to you. How lonely those early pioneers must have been not knowing the whereabouts or conditions of their loved ones while on the trail.

I loved your entry where you voluntered to help with saddling the horses! Smart move, Margaret!

I was reading some of the journal entries of my GGG Grandfather, George Washington Taggart(any of you Taggarts on the Trek?) and was so impressed with his devotion to the Prophet and the teachings of the early church. He had to leave his new 17 yr old wife, Fanny, in Navoou, and his little baby, in order to join the Battallion of Mormon soilders sent to California.He had great courage and fortitude. Do I possess any of these? I ask myself sometimes.

Well, I hope for sunshine and a cool breeze for you today. And happy Sabbath day tomorrow. I will join with you in song! Christine

David wrote:

Dear Modern day pioneers- My name is David Leigh. I am a reporter for the BYU Daily Universe newspaper. I have been assigned, in part, to report on your experiences, adventures, feelings, etc. This is a great thing you are all doing and I hope to be able to convey those experiences etc. to the student body at BYU. For our first few pieces, most of the information will be background info and info off of the internet. It would be great if we could include information or letters from you directly to the students at BYU. It wouldn't have to be long. You are engaged in one of the greatest learning experiences ever, and it would be great to experience that with you. Especially for the students who are not from Utah and do not know much about the pioneer experience.

Joel - a teacher at Genoa Public Schools - wrote:

The web page you have put together is generating quite the interest level here at 'old GPS.' The fifth and sixth graders are asking daily to see what Margaret has written. I think it helped that she was in my room for a short time that morning which gave the students a closer attachment to the project. We will be keeping an eye on the progress of the wagon train. Good luck and keep up the good work.

May 4, 1997

At about Midnight, Rebecca wrote:

Thank you, dear electronic friend, for your daily journal entries. I have read them all in just this one night. Thank you for what you are reliving for all of us who read your journal. I had several ancestors who walked in the handcart companies. Two of them were widowed mothers, 56 years old each, from England (Maria Christmas White and Martha Robinson). They were in the Martin Handcart company. They came with younger children, but no husbands to help them. The way you describe your journey gives me more empathy for them and the hardships of the trail.

I am so sorry your feet hurt so badly. I wish I knew something that would help you. All I can do is offer a prayer for your feet -- which I will gladly do. I know you can't reply, but I wanted you to know that I knew a woman named Vella Wetzel who lived right by the Utah Capitol Building. She might be your relative. She came to Lake Oswego, Oregon to care for her older sister, Erma. They were such loving women. Vella worked for 6 presidents of the church. When I read your journals, I think of her and the love she showed me.
Rest well, and carry on. Love, Rebecca Langford, Oregon City, OR

Ilene wrote:

Margaret, I have read your entries with great interest. I think you are magnificent. Just keep up the great work. I think about all of you everyday.

Margaret I felt for you when I read about your getting lost, in the cold and wet and swelling of your feet. Just know that you are doing it for so many of us. I love you. I had a marvelous experience with my kin on Mormon Island where you spent the weekend. Life is a great adventure. You're the best. Take care and know that you are loved and admired. Ilene

David wrote:

Please forward our appreciation to Margaret Clark, and Dan Whitaker for their efforts in helping us experience the pioneer journey. The similarities between their experiences and those written accounts you have published from the 1800s are remarkable. They are able to fill in some of the missing details from the original trek.

Thank you for telling all of us how difficult this experience really is. We thank you for sacrificing time, energy, and comfort as you bring this journey to life. Your comments are daily fare for five of us whose ancestors made that earlier trek.

Please take care!
Your unmet friends,
The David Waltons, Orem, Utah

The Jenkins wrote:

This note is to the Tom and Linda Whitaker Family. Hello from the Jenkins Family, (Clair and Nancy). We are following your trek via the web and are reading Daniel's Journal entries. We all wish you well on your trek. It must be a tremendous experience. Have a great time!! Love, the Jenkins

May 5, 1997

Wally and Jeanne wrote:

Hi Wendy: We were happy to see your journal entries. Your mom and dad keep us posted whenever you contact them, and we are so proud of our "granddaughter"! Keep up the good work, and remember we love you.

Margaret:We read your journal each day and have great emphathy for your sore feet! No one expect you to be a martyr, take care of yourself. Your comments "To My Pioneer Brothers & Sister" on May 1st brought a tear to my eye, too. We love and admire what you are doing. May the Lord continue to guide and watch over you all.

Dan: Your brief journal entries are so cool. I am priviledged to tutor some 5th grade students (just a year younger than you) and I think your journal entries are the greatest. The occasional mispelled word brings merriment to my heart. Write more often! We print out all of your journals each day and let my wife's 80 year old mother read them, and she devours every word. All our love to all of you, Wally & Jeanne' Thorup

May 13, 1997

Jim wrote:

To Margaret and Wendy and Dan and whoever gets this: Thanks very much for your continuing journal entries from the Mormon trail, but I haven't seen any entries from Osamu since April 18. Hopefully he is just having trouble finding an internet port to login to and is still healthy and participating. I sure miss his entries and viewpoint on this Trek, hopefully we will see him on the journal entries again soon? I am struck by the similarities between your trek and the ones over 100 years ago. Sore feet hurt no matter what century, I guess, and horses still are cantankerous and fragile creatures as they were then.

Tony wrote:

Hi, Wendy. I have enjoyed reading your journal entries because they present a perspective different from most of the others. I find your "dry humor" quite unique and different and your comments very typical of a 20 year old. This is good! While many jounral entries communicate personal feelings about certain ancestors and all that they had to endure, your entries give the readers a chance to see this trek from an unconventional point of view.

I especially liked your observation about the pioneer food you are eating along the way, and how this probably contributed to the death of some of the saints!! Even though you wrote about this with tounge in cheek you really did hit upon something most observers overlook: mal nutrition did indeed contribute to the deaths of many. Poorly nurished individuals just didn't have the strenght, stamania, or energy to endure the rigors of the trail. Add to that all the other elements the saints had to put up with and it is a miracle that many more did not perish.

The incident about the young man riding through KFC's fast-food window was great. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep up the wonderful entries. Take care.

An avid reader of the journal entries, Tony

Candi wrote:

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the modern day journal perspectives from Margaret, Wendy, Dan the Man, and the family from Japan. Being a Civil War reenactor, I have begun to get the feeling that I have missed out in participating in the best reenactment this year...the Mormon Trail trek.

In Grand Island my friends the Housers were on the trail, so the train went by their house (we wore our 19th century clothes) and it was great to see you pass by. We went to Stuhr museum to welcome the train and enjoy the activities. I found the testimonies given on Sunday morning very moving. Finally, we were at Kearney to participate in the candle light tour, but it is not enough. Your journals beckon me to hit the road, share some blisters, get soaked in the trough, dance the suicide polka, eat those yucky authentic lunches, and freeze at night.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences, as it is a highlight every day to see what you have been doing. Keep safe, have fun, and keep writing to let us all know you are well. By the way, I do hope Louie, the horse is ok.

Candi Imming, Omaha, Nebraska --one of those people of the world who read your messages.

Ted and Melinda wrote:

We read with interest, and longing to be with each of you. Since the first day at Winter Quarters to Washington we have read your jounal entries. We felt the spirit so strong being with you and reading your accounts. Let our friends Tom, Linda and Daniel Whitaker and family, Dale and Linda Gines, Vernon Condie, and Dale and Danelle Worwood, know that we are with them and are proud of their efforts. Ted and Melinda Whitaker Orem, Utah

a friend wrote:

Margaret - Continued thanks for helping us be part of the wagon train!! Your entries are getting better and better. Thanks especialy for sharing your day of sadness (May 1) and for the poem you wrote. Also, we were touched with your description of the 600 crosses and the inclusion of the journal entry from the mother regarding her sacrifices for her children.

I know Grandma Gretch!! She is truly an angel. Please tell her HI from me if you have a chance. I love her and will look forward to seeing all of you on June 1.

Keep up the great work!

May 14, 1997

Carla Zundel wrote:

I am trying to find my nephew. All I know is that he is in wagon #15 and that they will be in North Platt this coming weekend. His name is John Taylor. He is 16 years old and riding with Pat Fielding. If you know him, please send him our love and tell him that there will be a package for him at the North Platt Post office from his mother. Thanks so much and good luck. Aunt Carla

Early in the morning, Mary Alice wrote in part:

I enjoy so much your postings. What a tremendous experience you are having!! I look forward each day to what you have to say and admire the group for their persistence. What a great bond all of you must have for each other. I also had many ancestors who traveled along the trek. Thank you for helping us to better appreciate their sacrifices[...]

I'll continue to keep track via your postings. I truly admire you for what you are all doing. Mary Alice Hardy Las Vegas, NV

Bill wrote:

I've been following the trail diaries and am fascinated. Can you relay to Margaret how much I appreciated reading her comments about the crosses and ribbons. I had heard Ronnie O'Brien and her associates were going to do a project like that, and I've been very anxious to see reaction from the Wagon Train people when they saw those. Margaret's reaction was great. I'll catch up with the train in about 2 weeks, after we have Mormon History Assn meetings in Omaha til May 22nd. Is somebody videotaping along the way? And, will those ribbons and crosses stay up for awhile, does anybody know? I'd like to see them myself in 2 weeks. Great trek. Thanks for the diary entries. Thanks for letting me share in the adventure.
Bill Hartley, BYU, founding president of the Mormon Trails Association.

May 15, 1997

Chumleys wrote:

Hello Dan, Our family loves to read your journal entries! We are a home schooling family in Redmond, Washington. We don't have the internet at home, so we only get to read your entries once a week when we go to the home school center the LWSD has for us. We understand you are from our area.

Our family is studying about pioneers and we have been making candles, trying to do laundry by hand, building tarp shelters, and reading a lot about pioneers.

Our family kind of knows how you feel. We lived in Korea for two years. When we went to the zoo one time, we stared at the animals and the Koreans stared at us because of our blond hair and blue eyes! It was weird.

Have a great time and keep up the hard work. We wish you the best and hope someday we could listen to you in person, share all the fascinating things you have learned from this.
Mike, Grace, Marie (13), Jeffrey (10), and Rachel (4) Chumley

Brad wrote:

I like the changing pictures each time I access the [home] page. That is a great addition. Keep up the good work.

Margaret, you are making it so that I can't wait to get there. I will see you in June. I am, with kindest regards
Brad W. Hamblin

May 16, 1997

Sandy wrote:

I just want to say how much I am enjoying Margaret's journal. It truly is inspiring. Her words have brought tears to my eyes on several occassions. She makes you feel like you're right there and she is a wonderful writer. [...] A hearty "thank you" for all your efforts.

May 17, 1997

a reader wrote:

I love your trek web site! It makes it possible for us green horns to be part of this wonderful experience... The compare journal is really neat too, but it makes it difficult to print because it takes up so much space. Just wondered if there is any other way to do such a comparison? I am able to print the diaries out and share them with my older relatives who are greatly enjoying this information! Thankyou

May 20, 1997

Michelle wrote:

I drove with my 87 year old mother across Neb. last summer to visit the [Mormon] church history sites in Ill. and surrounding states.....it was such a thrill for her to get a feel for the many miles that the saints walked but you margaret are really getting a true picture of how it feels to walk that far...

I teach kindergarten in the morning and special education in the afternoon and when school is out and my school duties are finished for the day, I pull you up on the internet and take off my shoes and read and cry and enjoy your day....our last day of school is on Friday and I am looking forward to summer vacation but I will miss my daily contact with the trek......happy trekin!!!!

Rebecca wrote:

To B.C. Moore:
It's great to see you've joined the journal writers that we, at home, LOVE to read. Thanks for taking the time to tell us of your experiences. Whatever all of you are feeling out there, walking day after day to honor and understand better [y]our heritage, it is coming through. I can feel it. Bless your heart.....And your feet!

To Wendy Westergard:
Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. I have enjoyed your entries, but didn't know the depth of your soul until now. You are the kind of daughter any of us would wish to have. You must be a true joy to your parents. And to know you are young, yet strong in faith must be a great comfort and source of relief to your parents.

Bless your heart, dear girl. You mean a great deal to all of us who are "with you" on your walk.

To Dan the Man:
I love your journal entries to the people of the world. We are with you in spirit and pray for you on your exciting journey. You might not think it is exciting every day -- but you'll never regret or forget this great experience. Keep writing us your great journal entries!

May 21, 1997

Aaron wrote:

Dear Wagon Personnel,
My Global Studies II class traveled the trail from April 20 to 21. We are from Holstein, Iowa (about a 2 1/2 hour drive) and met you in Florence, Nebraska. We had a great time and learned many things you just can't learn in a classroom. There were many, many interesting people that we met, espescially Joe Vogal, Methusela, and the souvenir shop guy. Thank you very much for an experience I shall never forget!

P.S. See you on the Mormon Trail -- 200 Years!! :-)

Dave wrote:

Hi brother Bob. I hope your blister is healed up by now.

It was good to talk to you on the phone last week. I checked out the heritage web site and found a picture of some people pushing a handcart. Does yours have a covered top? I like the site but would like to see more about all the people participating, not just a few. I think that all the names should be there including yours.

Well, keep your spirit up and good luck as you continue to trek along. I remember you and all those with you each night. Love, Your brother Dave

The Burtons wrote:

I would like to let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anyway to let Jim and Judy Robertson and their family know we are thinking of them I would appreciate it. They are one of the families who are with the Pioneer Trails State Park group. Thank you

May 22, 1997

Chad and Joann wrote:

Thanks for the information! It has been fun following you each day. It has also helped prepare us for joining you on the trek over the continental divide. Our family will be the one with all the children (5 of them) from Kate (12), to Sophie (9 months). I plan on pushin' a handcart with all our stuff, as there are no roads where we will join you (no one is allowed on or off the trek for the 4 days we are with you (June 24th through the 27th).

PS. Margeret: My mothers family has lived in Cedar for generations. My relatives there include Dalleys, Carpenter's Bringhurst's, Urie's and others.

a "somewhat disillusioned" Mike wrote:

Are there any members of the modern handcart company who are not falling-back on cars and/or shopping for "goodies" along the way? I was quite surprised to read B.C. Moore's account of "sitting in Margaret's car" and going into town for marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! I thought this was a more realistic re-enactment than that. Although somewhat disillusioned, I will continue to follow the saga a bit more, I guess.

Cindy wrote:

Every day I look forward to my visit with you folks on my computer. I love to read the accounts from a 150 years ago as well as the accounts of Margaret, Wendy and Dan the Man. If I had been able to talk my husband into letting me buy a one-way ticket to Omaha I would have walked home with you!! As things go I must be content to walk with you from the Bear River Crossing into Henefer. Thanks to you and the internet I will be able to cross the rest of the trek by proxy. See you July 13th!
Cindy from Highland, Utah