Heritage Gateways

Official Sesquicentennial K-12 Education Project
sponsored by the Utah State Board of Education, the BYU-Public School Partnership and the Utah Education Network

General Information


Cooking: Along the Trail Cooking and food preparation along the trail.

Cooking: Beverages

Cooking: Bread-The Staff of Life Includes types, methods, recipes

Cooking: Cakes/Cookies Background; recipes.

Cooking: Confections (Candies) Cooking: Confections (Candies), including recipes.

Cooking: Pies Includes recipes.

Cooking: Pioneer Ways of Preparing and Cooking Meat Pioneer Ways of Preparing and Cooking Meat

Cooking: Potatoes-Fourteen Ways of Dressing Them

Cooking: Poultry (Preparation and recipes)

Cooking: Puddings

Cooking: Soups

Cooking: Utah's Fish

Cooking: Vegetables

Food: Molasses Molasses production and use.

Food: Suggested Menu for a Week (Reenactment company, 1997) Using pioneer trail food items and recipes from the period, the following weekly food menu was created.

Menu: Suggestions for Brigham Young Dinner (D.U.P.) Throughout the years the Daughters of Utah Pioneers have given Brigham Young dinners on June 1st of each year honoring the great leader. These dinners have been a means of raising funds for both the camps and counties.

Recipes Some pioneer recipes that will be used on the trail by the reenactment company during 1997.

Trail Larder Pioneers had to plan ahead for meals.

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